domingo, 8 de mayo de 2011

Happy Mother's Day !!!! :D

Today it's a beautiful day... It's Mother's Day! I'll like to share with you a beautiful poem for our mothers... I hope you like it (:

When a drop falls without notice, and the rain begins;
You're there to protect, to cover the bad weather.

When a pink button finally opens its petals,
It is certainly something beautiful and fair;
But more beautiful to be by your side every morning.

On the way to the future
I see you there with me, always by my side
Give me your hand, and rejoice every day
With your beautiful smile.

You do not correct my life, only guidelines.
And that will always be grateful.

Today I am happy to have you by my side
Life without you would not be life, there was no reason for joy
If you do not have, things would be very sad.

But you are my sunshine, my sun
I LOVE YOU SO MUCH, and nobody will change.

I know some day I'll have to get away from you,
And when that time comes,
I will put into practice what you taught me;
Certainly nothing will go wrong because ...
Your teaching will make me strong in difficult times
And humble when I'm wrong.

Thanks mom for everything you've given me,
It is not easy, but you're here with me;
And that's important for me, I LOVE YOU.


ATTM: Your daugther, Nellerlyn *-*


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