miércoles, 20 de julio de 2011

Paraphernalia. (Tutty & Anderson Forever)

1) Why is she all alone? Because she's divorced and she's protecting all her clothes and jewelry.
2) Where are her family? Her family is dead and she doesn't have husband.
3) Where was the gentleman heading? In the top of the paraphernalia.
4) Why did he crash? Because the engine is falling.
5) Why had he invented such a wonderful flying machine? Because he want it to traveling to see back his family.
6) What are your thought about the name of the short film? I think its very interesting because I didn't know the meanign of the title.
7) Do you like the ending? I love the ending. <3 <3


Tutty: Who are you?

Anderson: I'm Anderson, don't be scary... (He looks desoriented and he saw tha his plane is crushed)

Tutty: What's that?

Anderson: It's a flashlight... Come on little girl, don't be afraid.

Anderson: Look, I started creating a ballon but I thought in something more modern so I started to create a plane but I falled. I want to keep trying and see my family again. Come with me... We can fly together for all the world and see wonderful things... Come with me girl... Come on, don't be scary to see the life.

Tutty: I don't know... I'm so afraid for this. I don't want it...


( In this moment, she jumps and pulls the brass band of the airplane, Anderson fells a pull very hard, he looks back and when see Tutty, he stops the plane. Then, they're look very deeply in love)

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